Colour print, double exposure


“Intersection – Two Cities”

Two artists, who were already well acquainted since childhood, George Ho ( Canada) and Thomas Lin ( Hong Kong ) using the same roll of film and shot pictures in Hong Kong and Vancouver respectively, but they intentionally hold the camera in the opposite directions, therefore created a whole series of tête-bêche images.

The series is intended to explore life issues such as space and fate, history and memory.

These two people took 25 years to prove their common memories.  Half the world apart, they stay in reversed day and night.  But they hold the same thoughts, each use their own memorable images, double exposed under uncertain coincidences.  Reading each poetic image is like viewing the texture of life, how it outlines the metaphor of time and history.

Time and fate contributed their separation, but it also contributed their cooperative relationship across Hong Kong and Vancouver.

”The creation process of Intersection-two cities is completely different from the previous works. Since the final image outcome is unpredictable, the so-called current “subject matter” of the photograph is no longer relevant. At the same time, those variables within our control, are come up merely by sheer imagination from across the Pacific Ocean and trapped in the gap between memory and expectation, and thereby left in an unstable state. Not until we saw the double-exposed images, we were shocked that this “subject matter” had come into being. This feeling of touching the “entity of fate” is beyond words.” — Thomas Lin

 “The project Intersection-two cities enables us to confront head-on the wonder of destiny. In between the predictable but limited “operations”, and the boundless and unpredictable “out-of-control”, there is the confirmation of the emerging of coincidence and uncertainty in life. Our partnership in the past 30 years has been disrupted by numerous separation and rejoining. Moving to live in a new country to stay away from the uncertain future and unstable political climate has resulted in much pain of tearing apart. While witnessing the chemical reaction of the overlapping images, we marvel at the inspiration that at the shore beyond, there lies hidden a link that can re-amend and rebuild our relationship.” — George Ho


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