For a time, fragmentation as a form of artistic expression in terms of collage, photo collage, three-dimensional collage and mixed media came into being one after another. As an installation artist, I am adept in putting up ideas by mixed media. My three-dimensional collage often appears as a fictional and in a non-existent environment – seeking intermittent and disconnected spiritual state of mind, trying to re-examine the tradition with stark juxtaposition of visual combinations.

In the early Nineties, being an art student in Canada, I started to acquire the international art language with multi-media explorations. Inspired by those childhood memories of my time spent in the cinemas in Hong Kong, I employed much multi-media with acoustics effect and image projection in my art work with flavor of the Orient.

After earning my Master of Fine Arts degree, I explored new methods and new materials to create fictional installations, after I adopted 3D computer programs, I started to re-engage myself in art.

When I matured into middle age, I have to deal with both the death of the previous generation and the growth of the younger generation.  In front of the inevitable God, I seem like wondering in the middle of the time tunnel, in search of the past innocence, and also in search of the life’s final destination.

George Ho _ curriculum vitae


1992- 1994   Master of Fine Art, University of Victoria, BC, Canada.

1989- 1992   Bachelor of Fine Art, University of Lethbridge, AB, Canada.


2016 “Your Kotinent Digital Carnival” ( Curated by Wynne Palmer )

Joint exhibition, Minoru Park, Richmond, BC., Canada

2016 “Condensation” ( Curated by Anchi Lin )

Joint exhibition, Lansdowne Centre, Richmond, BC., Canada

2016 “Bridge”

Joint exhibition, Lethbridge Community Art Centre ( CASA ), Alberta, Canada

2015 “Social Justice”

Joint exhibition, SCA Project Gallery, Pomona, California, USA

2014 “Tête-bêche⇋Paramita”

Joint exhibition, SOGO Taipei and JCCAC, Hong Kong International Film Festival

2014 “Art and Democracy”

Joint exhibition, Bergomat Station Art Centre, Santa Monica, California, USA

2014 “Your Kotinent”

Joint exhibition, Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

2013 “Tino, where memories go” sound interactive installation

Solo exhibition, central courtyard, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, Hong Kong

2012 “Intersection” joint exhibition

Joint exhibition, L1 Gallery, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, Hong Kong

2012 “In my life: Pearl of the Orient, Hong Kong”

Group exhibition, Aberdeen Centre, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

1994  Recent Works

Solo exhibition, Xchange Gallery, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

1993  Recent Works

Solo exhibition, Maltwood Gallery, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

1993  Metropolis

Group exhibition, Woodwards Building, Vancouver, BC.,Canada.

1991  Recent Works

Group exhibition, U of L Gallery, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.


“Tête-bêche Paramita”, B/W photographs (collaborated with Thomas Lin), collected by Hong Kong Heritage Museum


 2013  Tino, Where Memories Go

Publishing project funded by Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

 1999  Male/Female/Installation/Conversation

Publishing project funded by Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

email: togeoho@gmail.com

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